Q: Do you sell replacement parts? 

A: Yes! Many of the common replacement parts are listed in the oil caps section of website. If there is a part you need that you don’t see just send us a message.


Q: Does the cap work with the OEM PCV system? 

A: For best performance it isn’t recommended to keep the original PCV venting system in place. If the PCV valve is left in place it will allow air to enter the engine through the breather can which is unwanted. 

Most PCV systems work the same way. At low RPM the engine creates high vacuum in the intake manifold. The PCV valve applies a small amount of that vacuum to the engine block to help aid seal function and eliminate crank case pressure caused by blow-by. Since air leaving block it must be replaced with new fresh air, which the breather hose provides. At high RPM the intake manifold vacuum goes to 0 and the crank case pressure becomes positive causing the PCV valve to open and evacuate the pressure.

Q: What are the best options for bypassing the PCV valve for off-road use vehicles? 

A: The best way to bypass the PCV system for off-road use vehicles is to remove it and install an appropriate block off kit which will eliminate the factory hoses and plug the ports. The valve cover breather port can be capped off or a small filter can be used. Optionally, for NA applications the breather hose can be left in place

Q: Do you sell QuikVent oil caps for other engines? 

A: Currently we only offer these oil caps for select Honda/Nissan/Mazda engines however we plan on producing them for a majority of popular engine platforms from 4G63, SR20, Ecoboost and even diesel engines. If you have a platform you would like to see a cap produced for send us a message and lets talk about it!

Q: Can I use fittings other that what’s included with the caps? 

A: For V1.1 and V2.1 caps the 10 AN fittings can be switched out for barb fittings. The thread size is M18x1.5

Q: What is the difference between the V1.1 and V2.1 cap? Which should I buy? 

A: These oil caps share the same features inside and work in the same way. The V2.1 was designed specifically for the K series engine though and because of the shape will have a slightly reduced flow compared to the V1.1 cap. Generally it is recommend to use the V1.1 when possible.


Q: Will you sponsor my vehicle? 

A: We do sponsor vehicles from time to time and would love to hear from you. Whether you have a large following on social media or just have a build that gets a lot of attention or track time, send us a proposal on how we can work together. Keep in mind we get a ton of sponsorship requests so make it count! Send your proposal to info@level7performance.com and title it SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL