QuikVent™ Scavenger Oil Cap, Version 1.1 – SILVER


The new Level 7 Performance oil cap is the fastest way to add 10AN fittings to your valve cover!

We took all that we learned from the Version 1 model and made some serious improvements. This new design now features the same proven internals as Version 2 meaning it has a huge increase in durability, better baffling and a much larger gripping surface making oil changes a breeze. We didn’t stop there though, we even added an all new streamlined fitting design and laser marked branding/torque spec to top it off.

Honda: B, H, D, F, J Series
Nissan: KA, RB Series
Dodge: 2.4L EDV/EDT (SRT-4)

Engineered in the USA
Patented Product

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QuikVent™ 34mm/35mm Installation Socket $22.99 $20.99

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10AN Hose & Fittings Package 1 $104.00 $99.00
10AN Hose & Fittings Package 2 $79.00 $74.00
10AN Hose & Fittings Package 3 $98.00 $93.00
10AN Hose & Fittings Package 4 $73.00 $68.00
10AN Hose & Fittings Package 5 $104.00 $99.00
10AN Hose & Fittings Package 6 $79.00 $74.00
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What makes our product so great? Adding AN fittings to your valve cover used to be a pain. Drilling holes, welding aluminum, sandblasting and refinishing are all time consuming and expensive steps that you had to take to get the job done. Who wants to wait weeks and spend hundreds of dollars when you could be enjoying your car instead? Let’s not forget that shavings and blasting media are usually left lurking behind the baffling waiting to grenade your power plant at any moment. (check out this article from DsportMAG). With our patented line of QuikVent™ oil caps these problems are a thing of the past.

Why add fittings to your valve cover? Performance engines, especially turbocharged and built applications tend to generate a pressure buildup in the crankcase as a result of combustion pressure getting past the piston rings. Factory PCV systems are there to help combat this problem but often cannot keep up with the increased flow of high output engines. To make matters worse, factory PCV systems recirculate burned combustion gases through the intake manifold which causes power robbing deposits and reduced octane levels. Adding fittings to the engine cover allows for substantially more pressure to be evacuated, helping keep you and your engine happy.

What is needed to install this part? Our QuikVent™ oil caps install in minutes with no special tools. Just pick up your favorite brand of breather can, -10AN hoses and fittings as well as a 34mm socket and you’re ready to go. No need to be a professional, even a beginner can tackle the job.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions8.7 × 5.4 × 1.75 in